I look at the world of technology as being comprised of three things: art, science and business.  I started from the art perspective at a young age as it seemed more of a natural starting point. As I progress as a designer, I keep myself open to new design ideas and emerging technological advancements. Technology is an ever evolving field and art will always be entering or leaving a particular renaissance only to repeat itself. Art emulates a cycle whereas technology follows a linear path. I feel these factors prove how important is it to stay relevant to the current world when implementing a design while paying homage to the past. It is effective to reference the past when implementing new techniques as it gives intuition to the user.

My objective when it comes to design is to make an interface or experience that is intuitive to the user and communicates information to them in a straightforward manner that is also visually appealing. I've accumulated years of professional experience focused on user-facing design and development. 

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My digital graphics background mainly consists of design and creation for web, but also print media. I have created animations for clients utilizing AfterEffects, Animate,Flash and Fireworks for print and web materials. I have experience leading projects ranging from web animations, digital advertisement, print for billboards, branding and web site design.

Rick Cornachione's Product Marketing Graphic Portfolio Rapid Medical Research Animated ad Rick Cornachione's Channel 43 Splash Page Animation Rick Cornachione's Boozehound Brewing Beer Label Windy City Foolz Logo The Strange Natives Porch Bar Flyer The Strange Natives Porch Bar Flyer 2 The Strange Natives Willowick Lounge Flyer Ohio Gold Billboard Advertisement Confidential Love Comedy Troupe Flyer Advertisement



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My whole appreciation for art & design started when I was about five years old. Drawing was my hobby and overtime my appreciation for art & design transitioned more to the technical side. As my skills have drifted more to digital design, I still apply the same fundamentals I learned from hand sketching to current graphic designs.

Pencil hand sketch on 18x24 lightweight Sketch paper. Press Escape to exit. Cow Skull Pencil hand sketch on 24x36 lightweight Bristolboard Mushroom Pencil hand sketch on 24x36 Bristolboard Speedometer Technical Illustration  on 11x14 Bristolboard Christmas lights Illustration  on 11x14 Bristolboard Charcoal Crayon on 18x24 Brown Construction Paper Arcitechture Illustration on 11x18 bristolboard. Press Escape to exit. Acrylic paint on 8x11 white board. Press Escape to exit. Coloraid Duotac on 7x13 black board. Press Escape to exit.. Press Escape to exit. Coloraid Duotac Sun on 7x13 black board. Press Escape to exit.