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Secrets and Lies Our Deadly Enemies

Secrets and Lies Our Deadly Enemies

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Secrets and Lies

Our Deadly Enemies

Directed by Michael S Pieper

Written By Doug Keally, Richard Cornachione, Ryan Nolan, Vicky Castro,  Alexandra Shields, Adam Poulisse, &  Bryan Reynolds     (Winners of 2016 Outside the Box Sketch Wring Contest)

This comic sketch show is a wink and a nod to 50’s instructional films.  Bart Freely will take you through the many dangers of secrets and lies. From school rooms to funerals, they seep into our daily lives.  No one is innocent!

Performed by actors from the Second City Training Center’s Acting Program

Featuring Joe Mangles

Tyler Mills

Thad Struggles

Odie Escondo

Cassidy Briggs

Cecile Baumgart

Seirra Hilt

Katheryn Stacey

John Sabo

Robert Rashid

Emma Williams

Samantha Fenno

John Austin

Bryan Khan

Talia Schade

Ali Trumbull

Mike Bodziach

Anthony Casares

Jillian Laski

Maurie Richie

Molly Downing

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