Sketch Cast Artwork

The Second City: Sketch Cast

(Chicago, IL) Sketch Cast ensembles write and perform their own material, November 2nd – December 7th, in the de Maat Theatre! Directed by: Bryan Bowden, Winter Davis, Rob Kozlowski, Andel Sudik, Matthew Van Colton Tech Director: Ashley ConnellStarring:Huy Nguyen, Jack Ritchey, Rich Cornachione, Paul Brandt Kendra Ciancio[Read More]

Secrets & Lies

The Second City: Secrets & Lies - Our Deadly Enemies

(Chicago, IL) Directed by Michael S Pieper. This comic sketch show is a wink and a nod to 50’s instructional films.  Bart Freely will take you through the many dangers of secrets and lies. From school rooms to funerals, they seep into our daily lives.  No one is innocent! Running April 30 through June 4 at Donny's Skybox Theater within The Second City. "A is for Apple" written by Richard Cornachione, winner of the 2016 Outside The Box writing contest and 2016 Sketch Cast contest. [Read More]

Torn Identity Artwork

The Second City: The Torn Identity

(Chicago, IL) Ever have the urge to reinvent yourself? To wander into a new identity? Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of being a fallen Australian rockstar, or a deviant pizza boy, or even a mom who’s really, really ridiculously good a lazer tag. Join us at The Torn Identity as our characters journey to find their true selves. Who will they be by the end of it all? Who will you be at the end of it all? [Read More]

34 Burgers

34 Burgers in 60 Days: My dance with cardiac arrest

(Cleveland, OH) WUAB In honor of National Burger Day, I decided to share a journey I embarked upon last fall: To eat as many Cleveland native burgers as possible. I don’t know why or how this challenge started but, I set out to find the best burger in Cleveland. I don’t like to eat at the same restaurants continuously or order the same thing over and over again so the idea made sense to me. [Read More]


Heinen's receives warm welcome in Cleveland

(Cleveland, OH) WUAB. Watch out, America – Cleveland now has fresh food for sale. That’s right, Cleveland is on the up swing and is jumping on this whole new “eating healthy/living long” fad. The town once voted the most overweight city in the US is fighting back with two big meaty paws. Now that taking care of yourself is a cool, hip trend – Cleveland wants in. [Read More]


Cavs drop series opener at home

(Cleveland, OH) WUAB. The energy filled Quicken Loans Arena Monday night, every seat was accounted for and you could cut the tension with a knife. The crowd stood in silence as the moment they had all be waiting for dawned upon them… Atlantic Records recording artist and Cleveland native, Marc Cohn took the court to sing the National Anthem… just kidding. [Read More]

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated predicts Indians to take World Series

(Cleveland, OH) – WUAB It’s fun to dream isn’t it? The writers at Sports Illustrated like to take these very dreams and print them to paper. In the March issue of Sports Illustrated, Cy Young Winner Cory Kluber and Outfielder Micheal Brantley adorn the cover “sharing a laugh” as if they are in on some joke the rest of us are not aware of. Well, I hope they are not referring to last years attendance record cause that is no laughing matter. [Read More]

Great Lakes Green Tour

Great Lakes Brewing to launch 2015 Green Tour

(Cleveland, OH) WUAB. Beer drinkers of the Ohio City neighborhood can rejoice. 2015 is set to be a landmark year for the local brewer as many changes are coming to the Great Lakes Brewery in the upcoming months. It all started this winter with a rebranding of the logo and labels by Ontario artist Darren Booth who is primarily known for his work with Coca-Cola. [Read More]